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If you have to balance just one or two or a small batch of rotors, but don't have the right machine to do it, or someday you have an unexpected order for volume production,don’t hesitate to come to us. Our contract balancing service for small and larger batches can help to solve all your problems. In our balancing center, suitable machines with the appropriate compensation tools are available for many different types of rotors. Our experts can balance your parts to your specifications and you will receive a detailed balancing protocol. We can also give advice in the development process of your machines and support you in achieving your improvement goals.
With a large range of balancing machines, Shanghai Jianping is able to balance rotors weighing from 50 grams, up to 30000kg in weight, with a maximum diameter of 2800mm.  Typical parts include: rotors, fans, pump impellors, rollers, turbocharger, blowers, clutch, crankshaft, brake discs, driveshaft, pulleys, flywheels, centrifuges and many other industrial and automotive components.


Our contract balancing service is always available to you:


■ when the investment in a balancing machine of your own cannot be justified.
■ when no suitable balancing machine is available.
■ when your own balancing machines are all busy.
■ when you wish to benefit from our experience for your newly developed machine.
■ when your rotor poses unusual problems.
■ when you are unable to achieve the desired balancing tolerance.