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Automatic Balancers

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The automatic balancing machines produced by Shanghai Jianping include vertical drilling automatic balancing machine, four-station end surface drilling automatic balancing machine, two-station wound armature milling automatic balancing machine, two-station generator rotor automatic balancing machine machine, two-station motor rotor automatic balancing machine, EV motor automatic balancing machine, vertical milling automatic balancing machine, wheel hub automatic assembly line balancing machine, brake disc automatic assembly line balancing machine, crankshaft automatic balancing machine, treadmill motor automatic balancing machine. It adopts Jianping technology, and the workpieces are all automatically done from unbalance measurement, angle positioning, drilling weight removal and retest. It has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient application and high precision, and is suitable for mass production.
  • Two-station Crankshaft Automatic Balancer Two-station Crankshaft Automatic Balancer

    It is widely used in the balance correction of various automobile crankshafts, diesel engine crankshafts and small crankshafts in various industries....

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  • Vertical Milling Automatic Balancer Vertical Milling Automatic Balancer

    1.Manual loading and unloading2.15-inch touch screen3.Advanced balancing measuring software4.Automatic measure automatic milling and correction automatic retest5.Rigidity structure designwith a longer use life6.The machine is designed for the automatic balancing of disc-shaped parts in one plane...

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  • Roller Automatic Balancing Machines Roller Automatic Balancing Machines

    1.Design the bearing pedestals according to the specific workpiece to meet the individual requirements of customers2. High sensitivity sensor, good linearity, durable and reliable3. Fully consider the actual working conditions to reduce the error4. JP-900 electronic measuring system, friendly human-machine interface, statistics on production information5. Modular design, wide application range6. Manual loading & unloading7.Applied to the unbalance detection of rotating workpieces such as roll shafts and rollers...

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  • Automatic Drilling Balancing Machines Automatic Drilling Balancing Machines

    1.Manual loading or unloading2.12 inch touch screen3.Advanced balancing software4.Automatic measuringdrilling and retesting5.Twice correction or more can be excuted by removing-weight6.Rigid bed-structure design ensures long service life7.It is widely used to balance clutch flywheel pulley pump impeller etc...

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  • Two-station Motor Rotor Automatic Balancer Two-station Motor Rotor Automatic Balancer

    Two-Station Automatic Balancing Correction MachineTechnical data at a glanceA2WZ1Main ComponentsCylinder:SMC.Sensor:KEYENCE,OMRON.Servo motor:PanasonicControl PLC:SIEMENSTouchscreen:NuodajiaMeasuring System:Shanghai JianpingRotor Diameter Ran...

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  • Two-station Milling Wound Armature Automatic Balancer Two-station Milling Wound Armature Automatic Balancer

    1.Manual loading and unloading2.Intelligent man-machine interface3.Advanced balancing machine measuring software4.Automatic measurement automatic sharp cutter milling correction automatic retest5.Can do twice balance correction for workpieces6.Soft bearing high precision balancing measuring system7.Rigid structural design longer service life8.Widely used in various types of micro-motor rotor electric tools rotor starter motor rotor's balance correction...

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  • Wheel Hub Automatic Assembly Line Balancer Wheel Hub Automatic Assembly Line Balancer

    1.Continuous production beat2.Convenient to replace the product3.Human-machine interaction interface easy to operate4.Connect the production line to provide fully automatic production5.Adopting the measuring control system which integrates measuring control and calculation.6.The interface is clear and intuitive convenient for operation and use.7.It can be connected with unmanned automatic lines etc. equipment8.The machine can be used for passenger vehicle’s wheel hub commercial vehicle’s wheel hub and other vehicle’s wheel hub’s dynamic balance detection light point and heavy point marking end face runout and radial runout detection...

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  • Vertical Inclined Milling Automatic Balancer Vertical Inclined Milling Automatic Balancer


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  • Two-station EV Motor Automatic Balancer (2nd Generation) Two-station EV Motor Automatic Balancer (2nd Generation)

    It is mainly used for the balance measurement and correction of new energy rotors for rotor and end face deduplication, and can be connected to the rotor production line to realize automatic production...

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