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Product search by rotors

This type of search brings you speedily and directly to a result. Simply select an armature from the list and you will see the solution that we offer. If you don't find the your armature amongst the more than 100 options, your next step is to search through our product program.

Product search by industries

Here, you will find typical industry examples from the balancing and diagnostics technology, which you can further define through checkboxes. If you don't find what you are looking for here, maybe a universal solution is the right one for you. Or perhaps, as is sometimes the case, your task is so unusual that you won't find a solution with standard definitions. In this case, you should contact us directly.

Search by product groups

If you are familiar with our product program, you will find a product solution very quickly through the machine designation

Full text search

Using the full text search, you can search the whole catalog for a particular term. The search returns results if more than two characters are defined. Every additional input has an effect on the displayed result.